Monday, September 12, 2005

Stuff I love

What do I love?

John Cope's Corn I love baked dried corn, and just plain dried corn (cooked, of course). It's so damned Lancaster County, but it's really quite good. (And perfect with Chicken and waffles.)

Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio Ice Cream. I know. I'm not old enough to like Pistachio ice cream, but dagnabbit, this is good stuff. No neon green sludge, no pulverized bits of pistachio, just a nice clean pistachio ice cream with plenty of whole pistachio nuts (no shells, of course). YUM!

The super wonderful fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwiches, with roasted red peppers and pesto mayo on foccacia, at work. And really, the whole cafeteria at work. A lot of people bitch about the hospital cafeteria, but frankly, I think it's got a variety of food, all of it excellently prepared, for a reasonable price. And when you've only got 1/2 hour for lunch, you can't beat it for convenience. The aforementioned sandwich? $2.79.

Flavored Seltzer- No fake sugar, no caffiene, just good stuff. I am really trying to drink less fake sugar, because it's not good for you, and this is an excellent substitute.

Thomas's Corn Toasting Bread- by the English Muffin folks. This stuff is like a nice big corn muffin, in bread form. If it only toasted up a little crisper, I'd be in breakfast-food heaven.

And the stuff I don't like:

Capers. Rather, they don't like me. A greek salad with capers today sent me from zero to migraine in about 35 minutes. (I don't think it was the feta, because feta never bugs me.)

Smirnoff Vodka. Unless I plan on turning to a life of bullimia, I'll never drink the stuff again, in any form. (Who knew you could be allergic to a specific brand?)


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