Monday, August 15, 2005

Yay! Leftovers!

I don't usually go to restaurants, lately because I've been too broke, and generally because I dislike eating alone. Well, last night I went to the local Ruby Tuesday's, because I had gift certificates from last year's birthday to use, and didn't feel like cooking at the Monkeyhouse. (side note, those Lean Cuisine pizzas? Tasty.) About a zillion years ago, I had the best portabello mushroom sandwich there, and wish it was still on the menu. I got the asian peppercorn salmon instead, and wow, it was good. It was also surprisingly inexpensive. I was quasi-well-behaved, and ate half the samon and snap peas, but demolished the rice (to say nothing of the blondie a la mode I took home with me, because I'm going to pass that up?). Today, I looked forward to the leftovers.

And what, pray tell, was dinner this evening?

Peppercorn Salmon Noodle Bowl. That's what.

I cooked a portion of multi-colored veggie pasta, tossed it with a little margarine and lime juice, and mixed in the (reheated) snap peas, and chunks of the salmon (with a little of its sauce still on it). Deelish. Now if only I had the blondie to go with it. Heh.

And the birthday cake this year? Excellent. Very light, moist, and tasty. My only complaint was that the peaches we purchased were a bit underripe.


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