Thursday, September 08, 2005

Holy Guack-a-noley!

Yes, I really do know how to spell. This post is in honor of Saint Stoltz-a-ma-fus, who always spouts THAT instead of "holy guacamole!". He also used to say "Wrong Chicken" and has never answered the phone with anything but "Hel-LO Steve Here!". Ever. And I've known him for 5 years. We tease him that his answering machine should simply say "Hel-lo, Steve Not here!" but he hasn't gone so far yet...

Anyway, today's recipe is Holy Guack-A-Noley, or Guacamole by the seat of your pants...

For one nice sized bowl, you'll need:

3 nice, ripe, delectable Avacados
3-4 Jalapenos (seeded/deveined or as veined as you like for the heat)
1 roma, or 1/2 big tomato
1/4 onion (Red) or more if you like
a bit of garlic, whacked up finely
1 or more limes
maybe some corn, black beans, or something else nummy to mix in...

Mince your jalapenos, onion, and tomato, if using fresh garlic, whack it up to within an inch of its life and toss that in the mix too. Then, cut your avocados in half, and scoop out their innards. (Grow the pit, or do what you'd like with it.) Smash the guts to within an inch of their lives (2 inches if you like yours chunky), while spritzing liberally with the fresh lime juice. Whip in the cilantro if you're feeling sassy, and mix the whole shebang together. Salt and pepper to your heart's content, and dig in with your favorite chippage or other guacamole delivery device.

If you're going to refrigerate this at all, be sure to smoosh plastic wrap down onto the surface of the guacamole, so that it won't turn brown so quickly. Don't try to make this a zillion hours in advance, you're just going to have nasty looking guacamole, and who wants that?


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