Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mmm. Cake.

So my birthday's coming up, and I've been asked the question. "What kind of cake do you want?" While buying a cake is damned simple, and not ridiculously expensive, I hate commercial frosting. (Unless it's peanut butter or ganache) And if it's my birthday, I get the cake I'd like, right?

Traditionally, I've asked for the lemon cake (of doom). Lemon cake layers, lemon pudding in between, whipped cream frosting, lemon slices and mint leaves on top. None too sweet, just like me. But this year, I want something different. Not cheesecake. Not tiramisu. Not Tom's really good chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting from the codger corral. What, pray tell, have I decided to make for the (not so very) big day?

Butter cake, vanilla cook & serve pudding (made with half & half to make it super creamy), fresh sliced peaches, whipped cream frosting, and more slices of peach on top. I'll bake the layers tomorrow, and split them so it's more like a torte (so the breakdown would be cake, pudding, cake, pudding and peaches, cake, pudding, cake) Freeze the layers, and tackle the whole shebang closer to the day.

Fat Elvis (whose head is resting on my left hand as I type this) approves.


Blogger Special Sauce said...

Cake and birthday have both come and gone. Both were delightful. The cake was nice and moist, but the peaches were a little underripe. Overall, I was pleased.

Also? Maa got me the wilton starter kit (lesson 1, anyway) to play with in conjunction with her old wilton yearbooks from the 70s. I took a gander at this year's book, and I'm actually a bit disappointed. The cakes are very cartoonish, mostly fondant, and the number of cupcakes is overwhelming.

And a side note?

Lean Cuisine microwaveable pizzas aren't half bad.

10:42 AM  

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