Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh to hell with it!

So I decided I was going to make those Boston Cream Cupcakes today. The ones I was going to make a month ago, and never did. I'd already flung some Cheesy Potatoes (of doom!) in the crock pot, and figured what the heck...

So I assembled my ingredients. I grabbed 3 eggs out of the fridge, and a stick of butter. Got myself out a cup and a quarter of water, and popped my cake mix into the bowl of the mixer. Melted the butter, and poured that in, along with the water. I let the Kitchenaid do its thing, and about 2 minutes later, was scooping batter into the cupcake liners with my ancient ice cream scoop*.

Into the oven these evenly filled tins went, and I started to clean up after myself. That's when I discovered the three eggs sitting on the counter. That's right, I'd forgotten to put the damned eggs in.

After cursing, a lot. I pulled the eggless cupcakes out of the oven, and promptly emptied them into the trash. (Because there is NO way I'm scraping all the batter off those little paper liners. Sorry. No.)

I figured maybe I'll make chocolate filled cupcakes instead, and search the cupboard for another cake mix. Lo and behold! There's another butter yellow mix! Sweet! I melt another stick of butter, measure up another cup and a quarter of water, and dump in the cake mix, along with the eggs this time, and all the other necessary ingredients, into the mixer bowl. I turned that bad boy on, and put a few things into the sink. When I turned back to the mixer, I wasn't greeted by batter. I was greeted by a lemony yellow soup.

Cue even MORE cursing.

In fact, I believe my exact quote was "What the fuck did I do wrong THIS time, goddamnit!?"

(Note: I'm a decent baker, and a darned good cook. I don't need remedial home ec, so this stuff? REALLY pissed me off.)

That's when I looked at the back of the box and it dawned on me.

That's right. I used two separate brands of cake mix.**

This one only needed 2/3 cup of water, not a cup and a quarter. DUHHHHH. So yes, I was a wee bit angry. And the second batch of batter went buh-bye. And at this point, I decided to say "Screw the cupcakes" and settled for just beating my head against the counter till I didn't crave sugar anymore.

Tomorrow, I shall try again, armed with a fresh cake mix, and some more butter. If you hear about some twit blowing up her kitchen, it'll probably be me.

* The ice cream scooper is pink aluminum, and came free with a container of ice cream some time in the late fifties/early sixties. I've had dibs on this ever since I was a kid. I joke with my mom about it, but when she goes, damnit, I get the scoop.

** If they're going to make all the boxes look the same, the least they could do is keep the ingredients consistent. Fuckers.


Blogger Salinas blogger said...

I co-own a bakery and you can't imagine how bad some of our fuckups are. The batch of mini carrot cakes that all had holes in the center ... that was a bad day. The brioche I made today that rose so high that it crashed into the oven rack above it, rendering it too ugly to sell ...

I do like the sound of Boston Cream cupcakes though.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Lisa Harman said...

I come across this blog entry this morning when looking for a basic cupcake recipe.. and it reminded me so much of the carrot cake I made the other day. After it was baked and out of the oven cooling I realised I didnt put the eggs in it or the oil. Opps...

I left it on the bench and ducked down to the shops for more supplies. I get home to a half eaten cake and comments saying it was a really nice cake from our house guest.

Idiot. but he liked it so he ate the whole thing.

Your fuck ups can turn out to be a blessing for some.

Thanks for an early morning laugh

7:29 PM  

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