Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

The cake, she is finished!


And it looks NOTHING like I had thought it would. But I like it better than my idea, so... woot.

Maa was the Wiltonator, and refused to let me touch anything, lest I "Screw it all up", so she wielded the decorating bags. But the cake? She is beautiful.

The chocolate and raspberry layer is iced in lavender, the butter and apricot layer is iced in lightish pink, and the dixie cup to hold the ribbon curls is iced in a pale turquoise. We did a plain scalloped border at the base of each cake, and put little dots of darker pink and white on them. (to look a bit like confetti.) I picked up 2 package toppers (curled ribbon) to use for the top of the cake. one is coral/lavender/peach, the other is pale yellow, green and aqua. I mixed the two sets of ribbon together, popped in some curled silver wire, and looped a few strands of the ribbon through that to give it some height, and that will sit on top of the dixie cup (a tall one, with the top cut off, so the ribbon just sits into the top of it) and cascade down. No candles (fire hazzard, and the ones I got looked like... ASS with the frosting.)

I hope she digs it- it looks effin' AWESOME.

And now, I have a cat to abuse, and a Monk card to make. :)


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