Wednesday, July 13, 2005


And I can post this here, without G. Monkey reading the post. Muha. muha. Muhahaha.

(for those not in the know, G. Monkey's the other half of my brain (the smarter half, at that) and all around best friend EVAR.)

See, G. Monkey's turning 30 on the 19th. And she's gruxed for many moons that she's never once had a surprise party. So Mr. G. Monkey, being quite possibly the world's coolest husband ever, has decided to throw her one. This is where the evil laughter comes in. Because I? Get to make the cake. (and set up while they're gone, but mostly, I'm excited about the cake, because I can do party setup in my sleep.)

I know what I'd LIKE to do (namely, This little cake, only all grown up and full sized, with 2 different flavors- one per tier, with regular, not fondant icing.)

Though, I'd settle for a straight (not crazy) 2 tiered cake, chocolate base with raspberry or strawberry filling and vanilla & apricot/peach second tier with bright icing and these cute little candles I found at the grocery/craft store yesterday- (just the candles, not the other crap from the picture.)

I'm going to tap into my mother's mad Wilton skillz and see what she can recommend. I'm thinking I'll bake the layers on Friday, chill, seal them on Saturday before work, and frost saturday night after work. If it comes good, I'll take pictures to post. If it doesn't, you can write to me care of the "danger to self and others" ward at the local hospital. (I know, I know, how nerve-wracking can it be to do a cake for 20 people? But you see... there's a precedent here. I'm the "Creative" "good cooking" one. I can't show up with crap OR a store bought cake. I mean I could, and Mr. Monkey was going to just order a cake, but... Nah.And besides, how many times am I going to get to bake for G. Monkey's 30th?)

Also, if you're pressed for time, Jennie-O turkey breasts aren't half bad. Watch what you serve with them, because they're a touch salty, but not bad.


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