Thursday, July 07, 2005

Little to report

Except for the fact that Kirkland signature stir fry blend veggies rock my little world.

And I'm trying to come up with some sort of fried peanut butter and tunafish* sandwich for Fat Elvis, the newest arrival at the Saucehold. He's a 4 (or so) year old long haired black bundle of nerves, and he thinks that I am the best thing since, well... ever. I just have to look at him and he purrs. Granted, I'm looking at him upside down, as he hides under the chair, but still... I'm impressed. He was feral when the shelter got him, and hates men, loud (and some not-so-loud) noises, and Pounce treats. He thinks the other cats are alright, but they pretty much loathe him, so he's spending a lot of time down in the basement. Where he is currently scooping alllllllll of the litter out of his box.

I need to get the boy a bigger box.

I also need to get the matted fur off his sides.

Depending on the weather, (if it's too hot, she'll never go for it), and if the crops are good, I may con my mom into teaching me how to can tomato soup. And when she does? Oh, the recipe shall be here. And you will worship me. Because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is as good as my mother's homemade tomato soup, with some freshly cooked up noodles, in the middle of winter. NOTHING. What she does with ripe tomatoes, a bay leaf, some flour, and the old crank mill is nothing short of genius. Cross your fingers that this rain keeps up, but not so much that the plants get funk, because I'd really like to spend my birthday weekend in the kitchen with Maa.

*Not really. I know cats aren't supposed to eat people tuna. But if you ever need to pill a cat on a long-term basis, and they won't fall for traditional methods, check with your vet about baby food. Crush the pill, mix it with the baby food, and serve, or load into a wide syringe (the kind you give baby medicines in) and administer that way (if you use the syringe, thin the baby food slightly with water or broth). Evil & I did that dance twice a day for quite some time, and while she didn't LOVE it, it was a lot less traumatic all around than the usual methods. (If the vet nixes baby food, you can use smooth style wet food the same way.)


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