Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Turtle Brownies

Now with 100% more turtle!

Warning: do not serve to friends with loose fillings!

1 brownie mix (the kind to go in a 9x13 pan) OR the basic baker's one bowl brownies (just go easier on the mix ins)
Whatever ingredients your brownie mix requires (egg, oil, water)

1 cup (or so) chocolate bits
10-12 Brachs Caramels
about 1 cup pecans or pecan pieces

First, cut up your caramels into itty-bitty pieces (like into thirds, then cut those thirds into 3-4 pieces each- you want them small). You can use a regular paring-type knife for this. It helps to squirt the knife periodically with cooking spray, and/or run it under hot water to de-caramelize the blade. (You can use more caramels if you like.) Add the caramels and the chocolate bits to the DRY portion of the mix/recipe. Toss with the mix/flour till the bits are coated. This will keep them from sinking like stones to the bottom of the pan. Prepare the rest of the mix/recipe as directed.

Pour the batter into your prepared pan, smooth out, and top with your pecans. (You can use walnuts, in a pinch.) Bake as directed (until a toothpick inserted 1" from the edge comes out reasonably clean). Cool slightly, cut, and watch out for your fillings.


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