Monday, May 09, 2005

The Best Damn Artichoke Dip Ever

Even Tom Arnold would eat it. The recipe was originally found on the Etiquette Grrl's site, however, they've been otherwise occupied of late. I have since added a few of my own twists to it to make it uniquely my own.

Note, it also looks really good for a halloween party if you put it in an appropriate container and call it "Zombie Brain Dip".

1 box frozen chopped spinach, thawed & drained
1 can artichoke hearts, drained (not the marinated kind)
1 cup or so (eyeball it) of Mayo (the world will not end if you use Light mayo, but don't use Miracle Whip.)
1 cup or so of Sour Cream (I use the light kind)
1 cup or so of italian blend grated cheese (or more, if you like)
a good pinch of red pepper flakes or hot sauce
a good healthy addition of dried onion flakes
a dash of garlic powder

Put your Spinach in a bowl (make sure it's squeezed out so it's dry), and with your fingers, break up the artichoke hearts as you add them to the bowl (just squish 'em up- chunky is good). Add the rest of the other ingredients and mix well. You can add some grated parmesan cheese too, if you like.

Now, if it's hot out, and you like, you can stop here. It's a pretty good cold dip, but if you're the oven-owning type, I recommend putting the dip in an ovenproof container, baking at about 350 till it's hot and bubbly, and (if you put a little extra cheese on top) it gets nice and brown. You will be rewarded.

Serve it with wheaty crackers (triscuits?) celery sticks, cucumber slices, or whatever else floats your boat. Leftovers are good schmeared on a tortilla, and wrapped up, then sliced like little pinwheels. Yum.


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